Advanced Flight Training (Certification)

Eligibility : Anyone who has passed P2 examination with 80% score or more.
Achievement : By the end of this course you will be able to perform all P2 tasks and will become a safe, competent and confident Club Pilot, aware of your operating limitations.
Certificate provided : Certification Book provides task completion proof.
Location : Himachal-Bir-Billing)/Jogindernagar
What Next :Apply for an Adventure Pilot License after clearing an online exam and become a free flier, eligible to fly all over the world ! Fly frequently, join us for exotic Flying Tours or even pursue Advanced Courses with us.

This is an extension of P2 Course, where you learn advanced flying. In order to complete P2 level as a Club Pilot and be eligible for an Adventure Pilot License, you need to complete all the tasks laid down in the Certification book.

Since it is not possible to complete all the tasks mentioned in your P2 certification book in four days, you can finish them during your Certification course and gain valuable air time, experience and confidence.

This course helps you to develop your own sense of judgment and makes you capable of flying independently as a pilot, without direct instructor supervision. When you regularly fly with other hobby pilots, you will grow and improve as a pilot and truly embrace the flying community. However, it is advisable to fly with a school until you are confident to fly by yourself.

Please note that we do not guarantee completion of all tasks. This is dependent on your learning pace and comfort level. However, this course provides sufficient time and practice for average students to comfortably complete all tasks in Certification Book.

After completion of this course, you may continue to fly with Mantra as a Club Pilot. We will support your flying in every way possible. The school provides equipment on rent to students who wish to fly with us. If you want to purchase your own wings, our school is the authorized dealer for the best gliders in the international market. We will help you choose your equipment and also procure it for you, if you so wish.

You are also welcome to fly with our school when we travel to exotic locations during tours to destinations like Bali (Indonesia), Nepal, Himachal, Yellagiri etc. Whether it is a chat over coffee or a friendly advice, you are always welcome at our base.

If you want to pursue a career in this sport, you can continue to learn and fly with our team. We conduct advanced courses for this pursuit. Please get in touch with us for more information on the same.