Intermediate Course (P2)

Eligibility : Student should have completed P1 Course. If there is a gap of 6 months or more between P1 and P2, an additional Refresher Course of one day is compulsory.
Achievement : During this course you will learn and practice Kiting and Ridge Soaring under radio supervision.
Certificate provided : An official Certification Book and Log Book is given to record flying tasks completed and hours flown. You shall receive your personal copy of the Training Manual for application and understanding of theoretical concepts.
Location : Himachal-Bir-Billing)/Jogindernagar
In this course you develop a great comfort level with your glider and gain good judgment & maturity for flying. You will acquire detailed information about your glider and its controls and understand pilot response to the glider’s behaviour. You will learn active piloting skills, manoeuvres, descent techniques and soaring. Take offs are from a higher level.

Ground school will cover site & wind assessment, ridge rules & rules of the air, basic aerodynamics, equipment care & maintenance and flight safety.

There is a written examination with 80% passing, after which you can apply for an Open Sky Pilot Licence.
1. Kiting : Advanced ground handling skills ensure better control of your glider in air and help to develop a spontaneous reflex action. You also understand the glider’s behaviour in varying winds conditions and appropriate input to stabilize quickly.
2. Soaring : This is your reward for all the hard work – your golden wing! While soaring, you truly become a Free Flier and taste the magic of blissfully floating around in the sky. Prepare to enjoy good airtime share the windy sky with chirpy birds and take in magnificent views in calm flying conditions.


  • Forward and reverse inflation
  • Canopy handling and kiting skills
  • Strong wind launches
  • Cross wind launches
  • Air speed control
  • Active piloting skills
  • Roll and pitch control
  • Alternating S-turns
  • Weight shift turns
  • Ridge soaring
  • Extended duration flights
  • Hands off flying
  • Rear riser turns
  • Target landings
  • Flight planning
  • Flight safety
  • Safety rules & Ridge rules
  • Aerodynamics
  • Airmanship
  • Micro – Metrology
  • What Next : After Course Completion, Apply For An ‘Open Sky Pilot’ Licence (optional) and enroll for Advanced Flight Training