Elementary Pilot (P1)

COURSE DURATION: 3 DAYS (INR 12,500) / 4 DAYS (INR 15,500) / 5 DAYS (INR 18,000)
Eligibility : Minimum Age- 15 years, Minimum Weight- 45 kgs. No prior experience necessary.
Achievement: By the end of this introductory course you will learn how to fly solo.
Certificate provided: Yes
Location: Himachal-Bir-Billing)/Jogindernagar

This is your first step into the world of free flying. We will take the privilege of introducing you to the team and your course mates, right after which, it’s time to get busy with the course!

This introductory course is designed to familiarize you with your glider and equipment, make a solid theoretical foundation, explain the controls and through Ground School, Video Lectures, Instructor Theory Sessions and Technique Demonstrations at the site.

Once you are comfortable with the new jargon, we will swiftly move on to bunny hops from gentle slopes. Once you get the hang of take-off and landing, you will strap on your harness, spread your wings and take off from the main take off point. Savour the bliss of an effortless solo flight, safely guided by constant radio supervision.

At the end of this course, you must pass a written exam which entitles you to a passing certificate and entry to the next level- P2. You are now a Trainee Pilot !


  • Site and wind assessment
  • Equipment introduction
  • Canopy layout
  • Pre-flight checks
  • Forward inflation
  • Control familiarization
  • Ground handling
  • Canopy Deflation
  • Take off & landing technique
  • Steering and Speed Control
  • Solo flights – assisted take off, radio supervised flying & landing
  • Post flight procedures
  • Simulator Sessions
  • Canopy – care & maintenance
  • Watching Paragliding Training Films

*A standard P1 course is 3 day long. However, additional days are recommended for students who wish to take more time to reinforce fundamental techniques. You will gain confidence by practicing more inflations-deflations, ground handling, bunny hops, take offs and landings. You will also have more number of solo flights. Clear basics will ensure later trainings (P2 and beyond) are swifter and fun.

What Next: Enroll for a Club Pilot Course (P2) and learn to soar