Flying Tours


Pokhara features among the top three Acro Paragliding Sites. This site is suitable for both XC and Acro Flying. Pokhara is a beautiful lakeside town with an amazing view of the Annapurna Range. The climate of this region makes it conducive for paragliding pilots throughout the year.


A couple of hours drive from Bengaluru and Chennai, the Yelagiri Hills site is owned and maintained by the Yelagiri Adventure Sports Association. It has a huge potential for excellent ridge soaring and thermalling flights. We conduct Progression Courses, Tandem Joy Rides, Instructional Tandems, Thermalling & XC Training in Yelagiri. We will be operating here from June to September


Nestled in the Kangra Valley of the Dhauladhar Range in the Himalayas, Bir ranks among the top flying sites in the world. With extreme possibilities for XC flying everyday, Bir has everything for every pilot, from developing your thermalling technique to indulging in XC flying. Bir is one of the most scenic paragliding sites one can every see. We organise a tour to Bir every October.


Goa, an ideal destination for pilots looking for a pleasant flight by the sea. The flying sites there are Anjuna and Arambol. The wind conditions are excellent for flying on most days and the launch site has various takeoff points for different wind directions for a lovely coastal soaring flight.


Vagamon is an ideal site for those who would love to go on a XC flight in a green environment. It has a huge top landing area, where one can top land easily. It also has a landing below, a few kilometers from the site. The retrieval facilities from the landing area are very good in Vagamon.


With a thick green blanket of tea plantations, Munnar is a visual treat for every flyer. Flanked by gorgeous mountains, this destination holds great appeal for all. The sumptuous local cuisine and pleasant climate are an added bonus.

What can be more thrilling, than to leave your homesite to travel and explore the world with your pilot friends ! Paragliding Mantra conducts flying tours for our club pilots to exotic locations in India and abroad. These tours widen our flying horizons and enable each pilot to learn, explore and more than anything, have FUN in different skies.

Book your holidays in advance to match our flying tour calendar !